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  1. New
    Flared Caremel Brown Maxi Dress
    Code: P1866
    4-5 Days Dispatch Time
    Regular Price ₹2,699.00
  2. Pastel Ivory Tiered Dress
    Code: P1839
    4-5 Days Dispatch Time
    Regular Price ₹1,999.00
  3. New
    Jacket Style Blue&Ivory Set
    Code: P1833
    7-10 Days Dispatch Time
    Regular Price ₹3,499.00
  4. New
    Shimmer Trimed Brown Dubai Style Abaya
    Code: P1817
    4-5 Days Dispatch Time
    Regular Price ₹2,299.00
  5. New
    Polka Dots Brown Maxi Dress
    Code: P1805
    7-10 Days Dispatch Time
    Regular Price ₹2,399.00
  6. New
    Caramel Brown Tiered Maxi Dress
    Code: P1757
    4-5 Days Dispatch Time
    Regular Price ₹2,299.00
  7. New
    Ready to Ship
    Overlap Ivory Maxi Dress
    Code: P1753
    Regular Price ₹2,299.00
  8. New
    Ready to Ship
    Flared Caramel Brown Maxi Dress
    Code: P1750
    Regular Price ₹3,399.00
  9. Prismatic Mirror Work Abaya
    Code: P1497
    Regular Price ₹3,499.00
  10. Feather Shot coffee Brown Abaya
    Code: P1505
    Special Price ₹2,499.00 Regular Price ₹2,999.00
    - 17%
  11. New
    Dreamy Pearl Golden Brown Dubai Style Abaya
    Code: P1162
    Special Price ₹6,499.00 Regular Price ₹6,699.00
    - 3%
  12. New
    Dreamy Pearl Coffee Brown Dubai Style Abaya
    Code: P1159
    Special Price ₹6,499.00 Regular Price ₹6,699.00
    - 3%
  13. Ready to Ship
    Brown Panelled Abaya
    Code: P848
    Regular Price ₹2,499.00
  14. Embroidered Yoke Brown Dubai Style Abaya
    Code: P829
    Regular Price ₹2,399.00
  15. Ready to Ship
    Metallic Zip Brown Abaya
    Code: P718
    Regular Price ₹2,399.00
  16. Classic Brown Abbaya
    Code: P381
    Regular Price ₹2,099.00
  17. Ready to Ship
    Majorelle Floral Oak Brown Pleated Abaya
    Code: P1584
    Regular Price ₹3,999.00
  18. Side Panelled Brown Abaya
    Code: P667
    Regular Price ₹2,399.00
  19. Beckon Olive Green Jacket Style Abaya
    Code: P1541
    Special Price ₹3,799.00 Regular Price ₹3,999.00
    - 5%
  20. Beckon Brown Jacket Style Abaya
    Code: P1540
    Special Price ₹3,799.00 Regular Price ₹4,599.00
    - 17%
  21. Beckon Black Jacket Style Abaya
    Code: P1538
    Special Price ₹3,799.00 Regular Price ₹3,999.00
    - 5%
  22. Beckon Jacket Style Abaya
    Code: P1537
    Special Price ₹3,799.00 Regular Price ₹4,299.00
    - 12%
  23. Two-in-one Abaya
    Code: P375
    Regular Price ₹3,599.00
  24. New
    Ready to Ship
    Classy Coffee Brown Abaya
    Code: P1243
    Special Price ₹1,999.00 Regular Price ₹2,099.00
    - 5%
  25. New
    Vintage Coffee Brown Abaya
    Code: P1238
    Special Price ₹1,999.00 Regular Price ₹2,199.00
    - 9%
  26. Dreamy Brown Kaftan
    Code: P997
    Regular Price ₹2,099.00
  27. Ready to Ship
  28. Fairy Frill Caramel Brown Abaya
    Code: P1524
    Special Price ₹1,799.00 Regular Price ₹2,049.00
    - 12%
  29. New
    Luxury Brown Dubai Style abaya
    Code: P1166
    Regular Price ₹6,199.00
  30. Ready to Ship
    Folksy Brown Abaya
    Code: P613
    Regular Price ₹2,099.00
  31. Modest Brown Abaya
    Code: P856
    Regular Price ₹2,999.00
  32. Color block Abaya dress
    Code: P039i
    Regular Price ₹2,399.00
  33. Ready to Ship
    Wondrous Brown Dubai Style Abaya
    Code: P1020
    Regular Price ₹2,949.00
  34. Ready to Ship
    Mesmerising Brown Dubai Style Abaya
    Code: P1026
    Regular Price ₹2,799.00
  35. Ready to Ship
  36. New
    Regal Redwood Colour Dubai style Abaya
    Code: P1185
    Regular Price ₹5,699.00
  37. New
    Ready to Ship
    Graceful Ash Brown Printed Dubai Style Abaya
    Code: P1219
    Special Price ₹1,999.00 Regular Price ₹2,199.00
    - 9%
  38. New
    Brwon Overlap Belted Coat
    Code: P1263
    Special Price ₹3,499.00 Regular Price ₹3,799.00
    - 8%
  39. New
    Brwon Velvet Corduroy Coat
    Code: P1256
    Regular Price ₹2,999.00
  40. New
    Brown Coat
    Code: P1254
    Regular Price ₹4,999.00
  41. New
    Brown Notch Lapel panel Coat
    Code: P1266
    Special Price ₹3,499.00 Regular Price ₹3,799.00
    - 8%
  42. New
    Brown Single Breasted Coat
    Code: P1264
    Special Price ₹3,499.00 Regular Price ₹3,799.00
    - 8%
  43. Descent Chikan Brown Abaya
    Code: P1517
    Regular Price ₹3,499.00
  44. Ready to Ship
    Jingle Bell Mustard Abaya
    Code: P1520
    Special Price ₹2,799.00 Regular Price ₹2,999.00
    - 7%
  45. Modest Umber Brown Abaya
    Code: P1457
    Special Price ₹2,099.00 Regular Price ₹2,699.00
    - 22%
  46. Ready to Ship
    Effortless Layered Abaya
    Code: P1473
    Special Price ₹4,499.00 Regular Price ₹4,649.00
    - 3%
  47. Wavetucks Yoke Brown Abaya
    Code: P1650
    Regular Price ₹2,299.00
  48. Beautiful Embroidered Yoke Brown Abaya
    Code: P865
    Regular Price ₹3,499.00
  49. Zipped Brown Formal wear Abaya
    Code: P157i
    Regular Price ₹2,399.00
  50. Flared Frock Style Brown Abaya
    Code: P164i
    Regular Price ₹1,999.00
  51. Trench Coat Style Abaya
    Code: P226
    Regular Price ₹2,899.00
  52. Brown Coat Abaya with Overlap Panel
    Code: P420
    Regular Price ₹3,599.00
  53. Cream & Brown Jacket Abaya
    Code: P421
    Regular Price ₹3,999.00
  54. Orchid Dubai Style Mud Brown Abaya
    Code: P517
    Regular Price ₹4,199.00
  55. Floral Pendant Dubai Style Brown Abaya
    Code: P537
    Regular Price ₹3,399.00

Items 1-60 of 72

per page

Buy Premium Range of Designer Abayas Online

At Modest Forever, we offer a versatile range of stylish Abaya collection that can be worn on various occasions. Whether you are in the office, a casual outing or a dinner party, our trendy abayas designs for women online is just what you need to make a modest style statement. Buy our Abayas online today from the comfort of your home and we will deliver it safely to your doorstep.

About Abaya Dress

Abaya is a cloak or a robe like a dress, which is worn over the dress and covers the entire body of women except for their feet, hands, and feet. It is adorned by Islamic women in some parts of the world. And the traditional Abaya is black in color. Beliefs in the Muslim community The Islamic women dress in Abaya to follow the beliefs of their religion and faith. It is believed that women who cover their body with a loose garment will be protected against any harm. Women who wear Abaya also cover their heads with hijabs. For many years, there had been no change in its style until recently. Women have become open to the idea of experimenting with their Abayas designs. However, there is no compromising with modest clothing or hurting any sentiments.

Modest Abaya can be fashionable Stylish Abaya too

The fashion evolution has been very subtle and sophisticated keeping in mind the religious sentiments. Who said Muslim women dress can’t be stylish? We at, Modest Forever, are trying to break the stereotypes associated with Abayas designs. For several years, Muslim women were hesitant in trying something new, but we have come up with our line of amazing designs for Women’s Abayas online without compromising on the purpose why Abaya is worn. Our Stylish Abayas cover the whole body except hands, feet, and face.

Why Choose Abaya Dress From Us?

Our objective is to offer fashionable yet modest clothing to Islamic women, which is quite significant from our brand name itself. We want women to know that for flaunting the latest designs, patterns, and cuts, they don’t have to compromise with their beliefs.

We do a lot of experiments with colours, patterns, stitches, prints, designs, collars, sleeves, buttons, zips, etc. to come up with Abayas, which are loved by women. Women who were bored of wearing monotonous Abayas can now choose something unique. Our wide range of stylish Abaya are ideal for party wear, routine wear, and office wear. These elegant Abayas are made of comfortable and quality fabric that doesn’t irritate your skin.

What else? We believe in catering to the needs of women of all sizes. Why differentiate between regular and plus size? We manufacture elegant Abayas that perfectly fit plus size women too. Plus size women who struggle to find Abayas elsewhere can buy fancy and beautiful abayas online on our website.

In our quest to offer beautiful and unique designs of Abayas, we have designed Kaftan Abayas, Denim Abayas, and Maxi Dress Abayas so that Islamic women can embrace modest fashion trends too without letting go of their beliefs.

Our web page for designer Abayas online is user-friendly, and anyone can easily access and browse through it. The process to buy abaya Online is quite easier, and our rates are affordable. We take only a few days to deliver, and the shipping is free across the nation. The online payment options are easy, and we also offer the flexibility of cash on delivery.

Not just that, we also an excellent team for customer support which is available at your services to make your abaya online shopping experience a hassle-free task. You can get your queries resolved or ask about your order status from them, and we assure you will get a prompt response. Our objective is to make every transaction smooth for our customers.

Apart from Abayas, we also deal in a wide range of Kurtis, Kaftans, Hijabs, and a lot more in attractive designs, prints, and fabrics. You would not need anything else to complement your attractive personality than our range of beautifully crafted elegant Abayas.

You can embrace fashion with our Abayas as the key principle is showing lesser skin, wearing long sleeves, and having a modest neckline along with covering your hair. Modest fashion can be anything that doesn’t violate the idea of modesty.

Choose Abayas Category wise

The website offers an opportunity to choose the Abayas category wise such as:

Different patterns

We understand how important it is for women to dress according to the occasion. Wearing the same pattern of Abayas can be monotonous after a point. Muslim women also need modest clothing as per the occasions. Even if it about wearing Abayas, why can’t we have Abayas in various patterns for suiting their casual, routine, party, and office wear needs.

We have exclusively come up with a wide array of patterns, which have been curated and designed after much thinking and effort. These patterns and designs offer a beautiful look to the Abayas, and they no more look monotonous. Having a look at the patterns, you will look forward to wearing different Abayas from our collection.

  • Box pleated Abayas
  • Plush Embroidery Abayas
  • Ruffled Affair Abayas
  • Bedazzled Abayas
  • Embroidered yoke Abayas
  • Modest design Abayas
  • Panelled Abayas
  • Colour blocked Abayas
  • Exquisite Dubai style Abayas
  • Classical Dubai style Abayas
  • Astonishing Embroidered Abayas
  • Bedazzled Embroidered Abayas
  • Elegant Embroidered Abayas
  • Lotus Embroidered Abayas
  • Whimsical Embroidered Abayas
  • Drape Abaya Dress
  • Graceful Abayas
  • Contrast Abayas
  • Dreamy Floral Abayas
  • Enticing stripes Abayas
  • Flamboyant Embroidered Abayas
  • Boho Embroidered Abayas
  • Graceful Lacy Abayas
  • Contrast Embroidered Abayas
  • Flouncy Laced Abayas
  • Party-coloured floral Maxi Dress Abayas
  • Melange printed Abayas
  • Metallic Zip Abayas

Variety in Abaya colours

We don’t want women to wear only traditional Back Abayas and have brought a wide range of colours in our stylish Abaya dress for women to choose from based on their preference or occasion. Here’s a look:

  • Yellow
  • Baby pink
  • Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Wine
  • Beige
  • Maroon
  • Brown
  • Moss green
  • Pink
  • White
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Peach
  • Steel Blue
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Sage green
  • Orange
  • Bottle green
  • Indigo
  • Mint green

We have tried to offer various hues and shades of the same color so that there is no lack of choice for women.

We also introduce attractive offers from time to time so to benefit from the discounts introduced at regular intervals; keep visiting our web page for the best Abaya online shopping.